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『人と人がホッコリ繋がる昭和の家~Sasabase』 by  一般社団法人Sasabase







  • Sasabaseで採れる米や小麦の販売/地域の廃棄農作物とコラボした商品の販売
  • 有料のレッスンやワークショップ、セミナーの売上











Tel : 090-8430-9931 Email: sasabbase.smile@gmail.com

Let me give you a brief introduction about Sasabase.

Our mission is Regional activation by using existing resources in our region.

For the mission,

  1. We think of effective use of vacant houses.
  2. We create an environment for anybody to learn from each other through multi-generation exchange.
  3. We provide opportunities for anyone to interact with each other through farm work experience.


Up until now we have organized many events in a vacant house which we arranged for use. The house has farmland; hence we have provided farming activities such as plowing field and glowing flowers and so on.

Now we are in preparation of a new project for creation of learning environment in the vacant house called Sasabase. As you may have noticed, it is the same name as our association. Sasabase is located in the place that is surrounded by beautiful nature and also 1 minute walk from the train station. You can come to Sasabase about 50 minutes from the central city of Osaka.

We are going to open Terarakoya which is a kind of small school. This project is entitled Terra’Co. If you don’t know Terakoya, please see the brief description bellow.

“Small private school Terakoya(寺子屋) was in Edo period in Japan. Classes were held in temples called TERA(寺) in Japanese.”

Our school will open for kids to improve self-esteem, develop communication skill and increase creativity.

Kids can get basic education at public school, but we’d like to provide other learning opportunities in community. There are a lot of prospective teachers in the world including senior citizens and disabled people. They could come to Sasabase or teach online. Kids also could be good teachers for everyone. We are in preparation assuming that kids will be able to do regional contribution activities in cooperation with local companies. Anyone can be a teacher and a student.

As you may have noticed our project won’t be monetary profitable, but it will be beneficial for region in the future. We are going to set profitable lessons and events and sell crops and homemade sweets. Regarding sweets we are going to try making it from locally grown ingredients. Profit derived from these activities will be used for Terra’Co project. The learning environment for kids can be maintained and kids can join Terra’Co for free.

Now we are remodeling the old house and doing farming activities every Sunday.
Why don’t you  join us?

There are cases in which we are not in Sasabbase , hence we’d like to ask you to contact us before coming.

If you are interested in Sasabase, please kindly contact us.
call : +81-(0)90-8430-9931
email : Sasabase.smile@gmail.com.
※You can also contact us by filling in the bellow form.